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Rural Children’s Reading Grants 

The iRead Foundation provides grants to organizations that work on improving rural and migrant children's reading. For more detailed grant application guidelines, please see the information below. 


Who do the grants help? 

  • - 0-12 year old rural children

  • - 0-12 year old migrant children

What organizations are we looking for?

- Mature non-profit organizations that focus on improving rural and migrant children's reading environment.

- The organization has been established for more than 2 years and has stable and experienced full-time team.

- The program has a detailed and feasible plan. 

- The program can be evaluated in some ways. 

- The program plan is holistic, taking elements such as high-quality books, adults' guidance, people's training and reading time into consideration. 

- The programe has established good relationship and co-operation with local bureau of education, government, headmasters and other influential figures. The program can or has the potential to influence local reading environment. 

- The program is sustainable. 

- The organization has relatively big annual payout.  

Grant length:

- 1 year. After 1 year, if both parties are willing to continue the grant, extension can be discussed. 

What activities do the grants support?

- Designated support (90%)

1) Human cost: full-time employees and volunteers' salaries and allowances (Max. 20%)

2) Purchase high-quality books

3) Reading activities and classes

4) Children's reading related trainings

- Undesignated support (10%)


We have two grant submission windows:

1) Submission deadline: 15th, March; receive decision before 30th, May

2) Submission deadline: 15th, July; receive decision before 30th, October 


- If you have any furthur questions, please contact:

Children’s Reading Research Grants

We provide financial support for research on theories and practical applications of children’s reading.

These are the two types of research we support:

- Research on how to apply academic research findings to practical use.

- Research on foundational theories and practical applications of children’s reading. The funded research should fill the research gap in relevant fields either in China or the world.  


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