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With the belief that access to high-quality books is one of the most important elements in children’s reading, we put together book lists that could guide children, teachers, parents, communities and other organizations to select the best books.  For each book list, experts are invited to be on the selection committee to identify excellent children's books.  

Primary School Library Core Book List


This book list contains 3600 books for students and 200 books for teachers. Students’ books are further categorized into grades 1-2, grades 3-4, and grades 5-6. The book list is designed based on children’s intellectual, psychological and social development at different ages.

100 Recommended Children's Books


iRead 100 Recommended Children's Books is an annual book list of 100 newly published high-quality children’s books in China. By publishing this book list every year, we hope to help schools, communities, and families choose high-quality children’s books.

In order to ensure the quality of the book list, iRead has done rigorous work throughout the year. First, very large data are collected from a variety of sources. Then in each quarter, jury members will read hundreds of new books for the selection. The selection jury panel consists of experts on children’s literature, children’s education, children’s reading, children’s psychology, children’s science studies, and arts. For each book they recommend, the jurors need to write their reasons for recommendation. Equally importantly, we make sure the book list is diverse, including books in different genres and for different ages.

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