The First National Early Children’s Reading Development and Education Conference Concluded with Great Success
Patricia Aldana Visits the iRead Foundation

Reading Promoters Graduated from the First iRead Early Children’s Reading Promoter Training Course


On 30 June 2017, the graduation ceremony of the first iRead Early Childhood Reading Promoter Training Course is held in Shenzhen.

The recently graduated reading promoters start their new journey today. Soon they will make their valuable contribution to families and communities by organizing reading activities.

Early children’s reading is of vital importance to the development of children. Effective early children’s reading can greatly improve the development of children’s brain and language ability.

At this stage, China lacks relevant experts in this field. It’s rare for parents and schools to offer good guidance on early children’s reading. For this reason, the iRead Foundation opened this training course for reading promoters.


Taught by excellent experts in the field of early children’s reading, the training course combines the learning of theories and practical activities in the communities. 


Through this systematic guidance, we advocate the importance of parent-child reading, hoping to help every child with a great start of their lives.




Students in the class


The length of iRead Early Children’s Reading Promoter Training Course is one and a half years. During this time, students learn about children’s literature, language development of early childhood, characteristics of children’s reading at different ages and many other professional knowledge.


In total, students in this course have organized 36 children’s reading related activities, benefiting more 2000 people.




Student in 2017 Class reading a Story



Student in 2017 Class interacting with children



Student in 2017 Class playing with children


At the graduation ceremony, the iRead Foundation’s Director General Li Wen and iRead College’s principal encouraged reading promoters to use their knowledge learned in the course to help more families start reading with their children.




“We should never underestimate the power of individuals. When every person’s power is gathered together, nuclear fission will occur, generating tremendous energy and promoting social progress,” said Li Wen to the students.



Li Kunshan added: “iRead College should train professional reading promoters, so that every family can be the cradle of happy and healthy children.


Ye Jiaqing also spoke to the students: “you will walk into communities, serving those in need.”

Li Wen gives students graduation certificate and graduation present: small orange suitcases.


In the orange suitcases are some of the things the students will need when organizing reading activities. They will accompany the students in their journey of children’s reading promotion.

Afterwards, all graduated students read out the poem “we depart”.


We depart


Once I was also a child

It is reading that opened my window to the world

After one and a half years’ learning

I became a qualified children’s reading promoter today


We believe reading is the source of children’s independent thinking

We believe reading empowers children

We believe in children’s infinite potential

We also believe children will change the world


We are children’s reading promoters

We depart from here

To help more families

To share parent-child reading with them


We are children’s reading promoters

We will sail the boat

With beautiful hope

Sowing the seeds of reading to countless homes


We are children’s reading promoters

Even when the future is full of challenges

For the mission in our hearts

We will stride forward without fear


We will be the bridges between children and books

We will plant the seeds of reading in children’s hearts

They will run to that bright future

With imagination and dream


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